Peter DeArmond

I read. I listen to music. I dance like a fool. That’s all you need to know about me. But if you must know more, read on.

My personality type is an odd combination of adventuresome and analytical — I relish spontaneous interactions with total strangers and making new friends. From my first career as a journalist I tend analyze everything and avoid jumping to conclusions. This combination of social affinity and analysis has made me a natural facilitator, something I still do today, and also may explain my rather twisted career path and diverse avocations.

Right after high school I flew from Bakersfield to Bavaria, where I learned that ample portions of dunkels bier just might be useful in preventing the next world war.  After bumming around Central Europe alone, I returned and was editor of my college newspaper, which led to a journalistic career at a time when people were still reading things printed on paper. Recycled paper. 

Since then my curiosity led me to many different pursuits, depending on what was interesting, challenging or available at the time. I have been a computer guru, editor, multimedia developer, wildlife videographer, business consultant, ballet dancer, cowboy, science historian, DJ, facilitator and… next, maybe I’ll try out as a rodeo clown.

I have a life-long passion for the history of science and have interviewed physicists and historians of science from all over the world as I pursue completion of a documentary project. 

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Behavior and Master of Science degree in Education. I'm a certified facilitator through the National Curriculum and Training Institute in the Real Colors Personality Instrument and in Crossroads Cognitive Behavior Change. I live in Bear Valley Springs, California, where I sometimes film the elk that roam through here.

When I’m not consulting or training, I can be found on a dance floor or at a wine tasting event, or another wine tasting event. Or another.

Here’s a page where you’ll find links to various crazy things I have written recently: